It is often that people ask me as to how one can become a food blogger. While there was a time that blogging meant penning down your thoughts into a medium that defines you, it’s moved into other things like newer apps and whatnot! Wherever blogging spreads its wing, to me it’ll always remain one simple thing – something that brings me happiness.  

But here are a few things that could help you in becoming a food blogger that many will find it in their heart to respect. 

  1. Like @TheVPanda always says ‘LOOOOOVE food’. Talk, sleep, eat, breathe & snort food! There’s something so satisfying about blogging when you’re passionate about it. It always shows in your posts. Be it bhel or biryani, if you love it from the bottom of your heart, it will show on your feed! That is the kind of passion I’m talking about, your posts should melt the person like a plate of biryani melts your heart!1
  2. Whatever you post, try and be honest about it. Even if it’s few people, they’re actually relying on your review. And there’s two things about pictures, food that looks good and food that tastes good. Whatever you post, make sure that your followers don’t feel cheated .Sometimes you try amazing food, but someone somewhere didn’t like it? Don’t beat yourself up with it, food is as subjective as Indian Politics! Anyone can have a bad day, it’s a problem only when you’re promoting a place that’s been having a few bad years just like Tamil Nadu down here!
  3. Create your OWN CONTENT and have your own style. There’s a thin line between getting inspired and copying, choose yours wisely. And if you really want to be appreciated, you should know that people respect uniqueness. Well, it’s Rajnikanth’s style that makes him so unique. You can copy him, but you can’t be him! 
  4. Spread love like you spread cheese. This can be such a vegetarian thing to say, but hey, just do your own thing! Comparison is no good. Do it for the beach bajjis that you love, do it for the LIIT and cheese bursts that make your Saturday nights better, do it for the crispy masala dosas for which you wake up at 7am! Ultimately, do it for yourself. 
  5. Re-posting food is not food blogging. I couldn’t put this forward more subtly.
  6. There’s nothing wrong in admitting that you don’t know about something rather than pretending to know about it. We aren’t trained chefs and neither is our major food, though I wish I could be one of it a number of times, just be open to learn new things.
  7. Don’t worry about people who think you only eat free food. Some people just fail to see passion! 
  8. Ignore the trolls, we don’t need no pessimists! 2
  9. Do it because it makes you happy, other factors will only cause you pain because brewing a blog is like brewing a perfect blend of coffee. You won’t get it right in your one shot. It takes years to build a good blog with quality content, I’m sure @foodtalk_chennai would agree.
  10. Lastly, it’s not about the ‘free’ food! It’s about wanting to badly try this new place that everyone has been raving about, it’s about cherishing this absolutely yummy dish that gives you foodgasm, it’s about finding happiness is sharing the cheese overdose you enjoyed with your followers so they can go into food coma too! One thing it isn’t about is free food!

So, just be honest in what you do. Do it for yourself and not anything else! And you’re good to go. I’m no biggie, but even the little thing that my blog is today has taken 2 years 8 months to build, but it gives me a lot of happiness. 

PS. I sometimes think if I really am a food blogger. There will always be ‘down’ days, but hold on there’s up days too! Plus, I’ve made some friends who love food as much as I do, that would’ve never happened if not for blogging. There’s a lot to be thankful for, I’ll probably bore you with that in another blog.

Until then, happy eating!

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